Visitor Management System 

AGP2 is a cloud based visitor management system developed using latest technologies. It is a feature packed solution with web and android applications. You can start using it immediately, without any additional IT infrastructure. It’s intelligent, intuitive and user friendly. It’s completely paperless and non-touch with interesting features like visitor self registration, visitor safety training, self declaration & feedback, aadhaar card and active directory integration etc.   

Visitor management system best practices

Paperless visitor management system. Digital visitor registration. Visitor pass with QR code to validate visitor entry exit. 

Mobile App

Mobile app for creating appointments, visitor self registration, check-in & check out. 

QR code

Visitor E-pass with QR Codes for Check-in and Check-out. Visitor self registration by scanning QR Code

Visitor Self Registration

Visitor self registration using visitor mobile phone. Visitor receives E-pass on mobile. No data-entry required by security or reception staff.

Visitor Review Feedback

Visitors can provide a rating and feedback for their visit experience.  Designated person can analyze visitor feedback to improve visitor experience.

Visitor Safety

Visitor Safety training (for EHS environment, health & safety compliance). Safety instructions video, visitor safety test. E-pass generated on clearing safety test. 

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